Today’s the Day

I’m excited, nervous, anxious, ready and not ready to meet our little guy today! Details and stats to come!

One last look at the belly – looking mighty big if I do say so….who is the jerk who puts horizontal stripes on a maternity shirt?! I know I’m the dumb dumb who bought it, but I was desperate for something that covered everything!!


Soooo I think I forgot about the extreme exhaustion that is the last month of pregnancy….or I didn’t notice it last time because I was already on leave from work and my daily routine involved Oprah, cookies and a nap every afternoon. Either way, it’s got me big time beat this time around.

Not only that, but the baby brain has returned with a vengeance. Remember the car mix up? I thought I was just sick – I found out 3 days after this post that Mr.Man was on his way. Point? Baby brain is powerful stuff. More to the point? I have little to no idea that I’m messing things up. Normally I would be uttering “where is my head?!” but instead it’s not until someone brings to my attention that I have missed something that I begin to muddle through what’s left of my memory to figure out what happened.

On top of all this, I’ve reached the “wildly uncomfortable” phase complete with feet in my rib cage, aching back, belly so big it takes a fork lift to roll over and inability to breathe when lying on my back. The last one is new this time which is fun.

I’ve got a stack of post it notes on my desk with topics and fun stories and pictures to go with all of them…just no brain power to write. The crazy things on my desk like bills and things to get done to make the money to pay the bills keep taking precedence. Sigh. Hoping by the end of the week I’ve cleared my desk and enough of the cobwebs to get some posts written before the real lack of sleep and baby brain begin!

Pregnancy Week

It’s Pregnancy Week at Scottsdale Moms Blog! There’s something in the writing around here as 5 of the contributors are expecting! This week is filled with fun and funny pregnancy related posts including today’s by Kristin that is a total crack up (and sooo true about the coffee). And Friday is the big reveal of Baylor and Mr.Man’s room – get excited.

In the mean time, I’ve got a million pictures from our annual pilgrimage to Coronado this past weekend to share and stories to tell. It was an amazing trip…it’s hard to be back to reality this morning.

Millions of Peaches

Peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches for free.

Look out!

Anyone? Anyone? Presidents of the United States of America – or the theme song of eighth grade.

I have been craving peaches this entire pregnancy. Canned don’t cut it. Frozen either. And the little ones from the grocery are either too hard, too soft, no flavor or too far gone. But finally, finally! Costco had the big box of big peaches last weekend. There are a dozen softball sized fruit and after one day sitting in the fruit tower in the kitchen, they are perfect! I’ve eaten all but 2…back to Costco I go!

I’ve been eating them as is, but I have big plans for the next box. Peach and blueberry cake. Sugared peaches. Grilled peaches with amaretto cookies, peach pancakes…my mouth is watering just typing this!

Things One Should Never Say to a Pregnant Lady (and my responses)

“OH! Don’t you LOVE being pregnant??”

~While the end result is worth it, no, pregnancy is not top on my list of awesome things to do. Weeks of feeling like everything, including my hairstyle, is going to make me throw up – no wine – uncomfortable belly – yeah, it’s a real thrill ride.

“Get lots of sleep while you can!”

~First of all, shut up. Second, I’m what you call a belly sleeper and do you know what you can’t do when you’re pregnant? That’s right, sleep on your stomach. I spend all night thinking about how I could totally be asleep if I could just get a few minutes on my anterior.

“You look so tiny? Are you sure the baby is ok?” This is an actual question someone asked me with Baylor

~What in the world would make you feel that that was an appropriate question to ask?? Your head looks a little deformed, is everything ok with your brain?

“You don’t really look pregnant, you just look like you have a belly.”

~This is a quote from my mother. When I responded with “is that some kind of complement?? Gee, you don’t look pregnant, just fat!!” she fell apart laughing realizing how horrible it sounded and then admitted, yes, that was what she meant. Thank goodness I share her sick sense of humor.

Maternity Jorts

I remember being perplexed about this with Baylor, but my animosity towards the designer of maternity clothes has gotten worse this time around. Why the hell do all maternity clothes have bows, cap sleaves, ruffles or all of the above? Why are maternity shorts either of the baggy no shape variety or denim? Why must I dress like a 5 year old OR a redneck? Why doesn’t J.Crew have a maternity line?!

Oh. And don’t get me started on those assholes at Pea In The Pod. Their very nicely cut white shorts are SIXTY DOLLARS. I don’t spend $60 on any one item (ok, face cream. But really, that’s an investment in my future) why the hell would I spend it on shorts that I will wear for MAYBE 1 year total? Those jerks are trying to take advantage of my need for stretching waistlines and decent fabrics.

I mean I get it. I understand that some women want to cover up their arms or are in need of shapeless shorts to cover their posteriors. I was that lady (I tried on my postpartum shorts last week and they fell off while buttoned – Jen the trainer really had her work cut out for her) and there’s a strong possiblity that I’ll be that chick again. However, I have very strong intentions of keeping my sessions with Jen going, running and keeping my cookie cravings to a manageable amount (1 box is not a serving size). That said, until I balloon so the size of, well a balloon, I would like to look decent until the point where I wrap myself in a bed sheet toga style and call it a day.

See what I mean?

Ugh. The frayed cuff is a nice touch.

If I wanted to dress like Mrs. Dugger, I would grow my hair to my butt and move to Arkansas. Until then, no gracias.

Where to start? The pattern? The sleeves?  Bleh.

I guess where you see a need, it makes sense to fill it. I’m over starting a retail store though so if anyone out there is feeling ambitions, lets talk; I’ll design the clothes and the store, you run it and sell stuff – deal? Until then, I’ll be the lady hunting around Target and then running to the tailor to make me a decent wardrobe for the foreseeable future.