Soooo I think I forgot about the extreme exhaustion that is the last month of pregnancy….or I didn’t notice it last time because I was already on leave from work and my daily routine involved Oprah, cookies and a nap every afternoon. Either way, it’s got me big time beat this time around.

Not only that, but the baby brain has returned with a vengeance. Remember the car mix up? I thought I was just sick – I found out 3 days after this post that Mr.Man was on his way. Point? Baby brain is powerful stuff. More to the point? I have little to no idea that I’m messing things up. Normally I would be uttering “where is my head?!” but instead it’s not until someone brings to my attention that I have missed something that I begin to muddle through what’s left of my memory to figure out what happened.

On top of all this, I’ve reached the “wildly uncomfortable” phase complete with feet in my rib cage, aching back, belly so big it takes a fork lift to roll over and inability to breathe when lying on my back. The last one is new this time which is fun.

I’ve got a stack of post it notes on my desk with topics and fun stories and pictures to go with all of them…just no brain power to write. The crazy things on my desk like bills and things to get done to make the money to pay the bills keep taking precedence. Sigh. Hoping by the end of the week I’ve cleared my desk and enough of the cobwebs to get some posts written before the real lack of sleep and baby brain begin!

3 thoughts on “*Yawn*

  1. Karen says:

    Good luck with this last month (and in my experience baby brain definitely doesn’t go away after the baby is born – or maybe that’s just me hehe) 😀

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