Shared Office Space

One of the benefits of having an office big enough to share is that Peter works from home so much more. It’s been so nice to cut the commute time and have him be able to be able to pop out for lunch and then back into the office.

But there is a downside…we have totally opposite working styles. I like order. He likes chaos. I do not eat at my desk. He has full blown meals (I’m cringing while I type…). I like my papers stacked up neatly and I have a system of where each project goes. He has the paperwork tornado approach. What’s worse is that his craziness spills (sometimes literally) onto my stuff. Which if someone touching my stuff wasn’t enough, food stains aren’t really my gig.

So for months I have been trying to find a new desk configuration that would work for both of us. Something where we could each have our space and storage and have a cohesive look to the office. That in itself is a challenge. Finding something that meets that criteria AND that we both agree on was damn near impossible.

Every few days I would find myself digging around online looking for ideas. We couldn’t agree on anything. Finally one day I sent off an email with links to a few things I found that I liked (or could tolerate if he liked) and we got a hit. A great, rustic industrial desk from Target. The price wasn’t too bad to buy two of them – plus there was an online sale. Sold!

I love the illusion that there’s just one desk.


We were also able to reuse my current desk’s sides and reconfigure them into a console table. It made for a cheap solution to my need for drawers. I like storage and organization, but it all has to be out of sight. I am very visual so whatever I am working on, or need to work on, goes on the desk. But if too much is out, the clutter makes me itchy. It’s a delicate balance.

Now I have to get some clever storage bins for the shelves. I need something that looks nice but also is functional that can hold file folders…plus some cute desktop accessories…I see a trip to The Container Store in my future.

Mac approves too.


For Rent

My step sister Sarah texted me this pic Saturday night:

My response: “It must have been VERY nice and VERY expensive!”

Peter’s response: “Seriously. 1 Beth is PLENTY.”

It’s nice to know you’re loved….

Big Pig 2012

This weekend marked the second annual Big Pig Hunt by PW and his buddy Brian. And “thankfully”, this year it was a success.

Last year, the dynamic duo drove north and east to a remote location to hunt where they endured freezing temperatures, rain and no Javalina. This year they stuck closer to town, had 75 degree temps and still no pigs. The little devils are very attracted to trash so they terrorize neighborhoods and recycle bins rather than forage for food in the desert. I tried to tell PW they should just rent a house on the fringes of town, sit on the patio and pick the little beasts off as they knock over the trash cans. But the MEN like to camp. And hike. And pack a really ridiculous amount of gear – so much so that they were prepared for any scenario except for the apocalypse, and even then they would have been able to put up a good fight.

Sunday morning I checked my email to find this:

And yes, it’s only half a pig. Don’t ask why because I didn’t want to know. After seeing this, I began to panic wondering if Babe was coming home with PW and worse, what the hell he was going to do with it.

Thankfully, after a few pictures, Babe went home with Brian. I never did get a clear answer on what was going to become of him (her actually) so my guard is up for any suspicious packages from place like “Tom’s Tawdry House of Taxidermy” or “Craig’s Creative Creations”. Much like the beaver pelt PW bought in Montana one year, I threatened that things like that tend to have “accidents” at our house so they should really go do his office to live…which is why he meets clients in the conference room.

Love and Cooking

To me, cooking is love. Making a meal for your family is an expression of how much you care for them. So this Valentine’s day, we’re doing dinner in. I’m making of PW’s favorite dinners: marinated flank steak, sauteed mushrooms, twice baked potatoes and cookies that B helps make. I’m hungry just writing it!

See my post on Scottsdale Moms Blog today for the recipes:

And do me a favor and pretend that we are making Valentine’s cookies and not Christmas cookies in Baylor’s pic – k? Sometime’s there’s just not enough time and or cold medicine in a week to stage a holiday appropriate pic!

Notable Quotes

We had a fantastic weekend. We accomplished a monumental to do list and also had a great time too. That said, there were lots of laughs. I happened to be on my game and write them down. Here are the highlights:

Peter: “that’s a great idea”
Me: “thanks, it’s the wine. It brings on my creativity”
Peter: “you must be drinking white because red just makes you drunk”
Peter: “they say he’s just a really nice guy”
Me: “you mean like a really nice guy for having so many tattoos”
Peter: “no, I mean like he’s a really just nice guy”
Me: “listen, those aren’t puppy dogs and smiley faces. Those are ANGRY tattoos. Really Nice people don’t get angry tattoos”
Peter: “ok, so maybe he’s like a nice guy for a guy who had angry tattoos”
Me: “Good God, we didn’t become hockey fans, did we?!!”
Peter: “it’s the playoffs”
Me: “well, last time I checked we aren’t Canadian soooo lets make a deal on what we’re watching, ok?”
And my personal favorite watching Sesame Street with Bay:
Oscar the Grouch to LL Cool J: “Listen Mr.’Momma-said-knock-you-out’, if I don’t want to go to the beach, I don’t have to!!”.
Oh that Oscar, he’s a witty one!