Notable Quotes

We had a fantastic weekend. We accomplished a monumental to do list and also had a great time too. That said, there were lots of laughs. I happened to be on my game and write them down. Here are the highlights:

Peter: “that’s a great idea”
Me: “thanks, it’s the wine. It brings on my creativity”
Peter: “you must be drinking white because red just makes you drunk”
Peter: “they say he’s just a really nice guy”
Me: “you mean like a really nice guy for having so many tattoos”
Peter: “no, I mean like he’s a really just nice guy”
Me: “listen, those aren’t puppy dogs and smiley faces. Those are ANGRY tattoos. Really Nice people don’t get angry tattoos”
Peter: “ok, so maybe he’s like a nice guy for a guy who had angry tattoos”
Me: “Good God, we didn’t become hockey fans, did we?!!”
Peter: “it’s the playoffs”
Me: “well, last time I checked we aren’t Canadian soooo lets make a deal on what we’re watching, ok?”
And my personal favorite watching Sesame Street with Bay:
Oscar the Grouch to LL Cool J: “Listen Mr.’Momma-said-knock-you-out’, if I don’t want to go to the beach, I don’t have to!!”.
Oh that Oscar, he’s a witty one!

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