Manic Monday


Picture day at school – hair dried and brushed to perfection

First day in God knows how long I have to wear professional clothing

Juggling baby, four year old, umbrella and heals trying to keep the above looking decent


Baby with a stuffy nose who “slept” in two hour or less increments all night

No construction on water company because of…you guessed it, rain


Two doctor’s appointments

Crabby baby who is a wiggling, screaming mess  at my doctor, perfectly nice at his doctor

Four year old who is not sick, but sans nap which has made her hyper rather than tired

No ear infection, just teeth which means no end to stuffy nose or lack of sleep


Sinus infection

Doctor who is less than pleased about the crazy four year old and screaming baby

Stupid HSA account that is supposed to save us money on our health insurance will. not. work.

Finally changed into casual clothes, errands and appointments done, dinner ingredients obtained


I’m not sure who I pissed off, but apparently I made someone in the weather department angry today…

Spring Breaking

This past week was spring break for Bay (why preschoolers need a break, I’ll never know) and it happen to coincide with one of the busiest weeks I’ve ever had with the water company. To say that I am exhausted is an understatment. The good news is that with a little sleep training, the big guy has been sleeping amazingly. So while mentally falling apart, at least I’m getting more consecutive hours of sleep than I’ve seen in almost six months.

I recap our week in pictures:

Train Park fun – could someone tell me where those legs came from??!

photo 2 (5)


photo 3 (5)

Not totally sure about the sand

photo 4 (5)

90 degree heat never looked so cute

photo 5 (4)




photo 1 (4)


Fun with the sprinklers in the backyard. Please disregard the dead plants – I’ve decided if it’s going to be 94 degrees today, it’s probably not going to freeze again – so I’m trimming this weekend. Fingers crossed. Focus on how lovely the grass looks! Oh and the cute kids!

photo 2 (7)

This is what happens when you’re too small to fight off your sister…

photo 3 (7)

It’s really too bad that we don’t have enough Little People to make AN ENTIRE CITY WITH TWO SCHOOL BUSES AND SAFARI CARS

little people

Auggie patiently listening to his singer songwriter sister

photo 4 (7)

Snow Day

When Peter and I lived in DC, we had no idea what we were doing when it came to freezing weather and snow. Having both grown up in AZ, we had never cleaned gutters (our desert homes didn’t even have gutters), removed hoses from the bibs before a freeze and we had no idea when you were supposed to put out salt (we actually thought you just threw it on top of the snow. That is not the case). Thankfully our landlords caught on and would let us know what to do. We also had a very nice neighbor that actually cleaned our gutters for us one fall. There was a language barrier so when we pantomimed asking to borrow his ladder, he just brought it over and got to work. We were never sure if he was being nice or if he thought we were too stupid to do the job ourselves. Our money was on the latter.

The last winter we were there, a HUGE storm was predicted – not unlike the one that is supposed to hit the Northeast today. We went to Target to stock up on supplies: salt, shovels, etc. except our cart also contained a lot of wine and a new sled. The storm hit over night and we woke up to a foot of snow. It was beautiful! We made coffee and snuggled back into bed to watch the news…only to have the power go out exactly 1 minute later. After waiting for a bit, we decided to go sledding. When we returned, still no power. We made breakfast on the grill off the deck and threw a bottle of champagne into the snow (see? our supplies were super important). We then bundled up, grabbed a dog to warm us up and read books. By 6pm there was still no power. And no heat. And no fireplace. We were woken up at 5am the next day to everything in our house coming back to life when the power came back on – we were bundled up like homeless people with both dogs under the covers.

So let this be a lesson to all you east coasters getting ready for the blizzard. Salt is all well and good, but make sure your sleds and wine supplies are stock piled too.

5pm Saturday



8am Sunday


There were steps under there somewhere


We were told icicles were bad news…I enjoyed every drop of them!


Abominable snow Travis!


We learned the hard way that the SUV should be the last one in. Trying to get the Audi over the ice berm created by the snow plow was challenging.


We couldn’t figure out where all the kids were…turns out they were waiting for the big dummies to shelp up and down the hill a few times and tamp down the snow.




Rain Rain Come Again – Soon!

All last week there was much talk of a big storm that was coming…but much like Jimmy, I never really believe what the weather girl is saying. Especially around here – each time rain is predicted, it keeps getting moved to the next day, and the next day, and the next day until it disappears all together. Baylor spent all day Saturday saying “it’s raining!! Yeah!!! Oh wait, just kidding”. I think the kid has seen more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse than rainy days. Now that I type that, I know it’s a fact.

Well Weather Girl didn’t disappoint this time. The rain came in huge down pours with hail and lots of wind. It was, in a word, awesome. I can’t remember the last time it rained…October? November? Either way it was way over due and thankfully it made up for being gone for so long.

The only down side is we, once again, have a leak in the garage. We get to start the whole story of flat roof + leaves + down pour = water build up under flashing and water on my car that is indoors. Arg. But after getting a little (a lot) ticked off, I became very grateful that it was the garage and there was only minor damage rather than in our house and or with major damage. See? The rain makes me happy AND an optimist!

Dear Weatherman

Dear Weatherman,

STOP IT. Stop telling me that there is a “cool down” on the way. Stop telling me that there’s “a chance for showers”. Stop saying that “we’ve seen the last of the triple digits!”. Stop saying it because you know they are all lies. Vicious, filthy lies. Every time there is a blessed 80 on the seven-day forecast, it keeps moving. It starts out on Thursday. And the next day it’s not coming until Friday. And on Friday, it’s coming on Monday. And suddenly it’s 105 again and the “cool down is coming!”. I can’t take it anymore!

So until you’re ready to come clean and be honest about the fact that even thought it’s October, it’s still 102 and that’s just the way it is, then I think we need some time apart.



Rain Rain….

You know what is great? When it finally, finally rains. Like a good, soaking rain.


You know what is not great? When all of your clean bedding was air drying on the patio. Including the down pillows. And you don’t remember until they have all been soaked by the awesome rain.


Laundry? FAIL.