Churchy Church Church

While Peter and I would like to be able to pay closer attention at mass on Sundays, I’m not sure that’s going to be a reality for the next few years. But I feel that we earn points and fulfill our obligation by just being there, even if we have no idea what is going on.

I’m not sure how she does it, but Baylie can make any toy loud. Little plastic links make a ruckus when they are thrown violently against the pew. Stuffed animals make no noise, but when you are talking to them, people tend to notice. And books should be silent, but when they are banged against the song books or smacked against someone’s head they are a bit noisy.

The thing is Bay isn’t being bad, she’s just 10 months old and this is her normal behavior. She’s not screaming because she’s upset, she’s doing her signature “Hey! I’m talking to you! Look at me!” pterodactyl (yes, that’s actually how it’s spelled) like screech. We try very hard to make sure that she’s being quietly entertained and when she gets screamy one of us takes her to the back where she’s not as easily heard. What really bugs me though is when we get the stare down from the people around us. Now, we get there early to get a seat in the last row so that we can exit easily. I want to tell these people that we were here first, if you don’t like babies don’t sit near me and go to the non-children’s mass.

The worst are the people who let their kids bring loud toys to mass – what are you thinking?! This is not ok – no one is expecting your kid to be perfect, but are you really going to give him something that will make MORE noise than just his mouth?! Again, my child is not perfect either, but I at least make an attempt to keep her quiet. The dirty stares should be saved for these parents!

Baylie’s crowning moment this weekend was when she finished her bottle and then proceeded to let out a burp worthy of a frat boy. She then followed that up by blowing raspberries (you know, when your lips are puckered and you make that funny noise by blowing through them) at Peter and I. He had to take her out because it was making me laugh – she makes the funniest face when she does it!


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