Rock A Bye Sweet Baby Bay

Ah, Ms.Baylie, the source of some of my best blogs!

Everyone in this house has a freaking special diet – even the dogs. They are 11 and one is fat and one is skinny. Obviously the fat one eats the skinny one’s food and thus the cycle continues. It’s not just that Bear will eat Travis’ food, Travis won’t eat his own food unless it’s been spiced up a little. Some ground beef (yes yes, I know) a little water and sometimes salt (he has kidney issues people!) are what it takes to get him to eat. Because I make it so tasty, of course Fat Boy wants to get at his brother’s bowl even more so Bear has to sit in his crate until Travis finishes his food. This week while sitting in his crate, Baylie decided to join him by sitting in Travis’ crate. It might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen – her little smile while banging on the sides of the crate trying to get Bear’s attention, she was just so happy to be one of the dogs!

My sister and I grew up knowing that The Big Red Machine was one of the greatest teams of all time. The 1969 Cincinnati Reds had a starting line up that included the great Pete Rose (my mom still judges a person’s character by whether or not they think Rose belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame – the answer is YES if you want her to like you) and Dave Concepción. Concepción made the quote “Baseball been very very good to me” famous. So to continue the tradition, I am working on teaching Baylie this all important quote. After reciting it to her, Peter asked her “Who said it Bay?” and I helped her by replying that it was Concepción of course! Then Peter asked what his first name was and Baylie promptly replied “Dada!”. So Dave Concepción will now be known by his new name in our house: Dada Concepción.

Last Friday Bay demonstrated her very funny, yet slightly evil sense of humor. She was cruising around the living room and offering her pacifier to me, the dog and Grandma, a favorite game of hers. She gives it to you and you take a hit, you then you give it back and she takes it smiling and moves on to the next person. As she cruised towards me, she reached out her chubby little hand with the slobbery pacifier to me. Just as I was about to take it, she yanked her hand back, put the pacifier in her mouth and laughing and smiling shook her head “no”. She repeated this three more times, each time squealing with laughter as she pulled her hand back! I’m a little concerned that she has this much of a sense of humor at 10 months…

Baylie says “Psych!”

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