Bring Home the Bacon

Have you ever noticed that certain foods make your house reek? I mean for days after and despite much work, your house, clothes and even your dishes smell like the meal. Like when my family makes Cincinnati Chili – one of the greatest things you’ll ever eat. You have to reeeally like it because you’re going to smell like it for a week!

We had this issue this weekend. My lovely husband is an amazing cook. He can make something out of nothing and it’s delicious. He looks in the fridge and sees that we have leftover chicken, a lime and some milk and out comes tequila lime chicken. I am the opposite – I need all ingredients in front of me before I can cook. Anyway, we were at the grocery on Saturday and they had beautiful heirloom tomatoes – you know the kind that are funky shapes and color and are delicious. I’m not sure they are really that better than any other tomatoes, but you think they are because they are so cool.

Peter proceeded to make one of the most amazing BLT sandwiches I’ve ever had – the tomatoes were the same size as a slice of bread so it all stayed together,  the bacon wasn’t over cooked and the bread was just right. That said, I realized about an hour after eating that it still smelled like bacon in our house. Our back door is always open so I opened a few more doors, cleaned the kitchen and lit a candle to help the smell. After taking the trash out a few hours later, I was smacked in the face with the smell of bacon upon entering the house. By then it was hot so we closed all the doors and I lit one more candle hoping their scent would overpower the bacon.

I thought I had won, but that night sitting at mass, it occurred to me that we had the smell of bacon wafting off of us like in a cartoon. People were drooling around us and stray dogs were following us the smell was so strong. After dinner, we realized our house smelled like bacon and Aveda candles – odd combo. Our pillows smelled like bacon, our laundry smelled like bacon and our couch smelled like bacon. After a small breakdown, I looked to peter for some reassurance that our house would not smell like cured meat forever – his response? “Mmmh, bacon scented pillows. I’ll be having savory dreams tonight!”.

He’s so much help!

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