Politics Shmolitics

This is not a political blog. I do not want it to be a political blog. I don’t even like politics, they make me want to nap. However, I do feel it necessary to address a few things so that my friends, family and other super smart readers of this blog understand that everyone living in Arizona is not insane. I am, however, being careful not to go on a full rant as I don’t want Sheriff Joe showing up on my front door step for making degrading remarks. I’m sure after my blog on the Terrorist Fund (what?! you didn’t read that one?? well you should!!) that I’m on some FBI watch list for using the “T” word too much…

If you decide at any point in this blog that you disagree with me, lets promise each other a few things: we will stay friends and we will never ever talk politics with each other.

I’m not really sure where to start. It seemed all was pretty ok here in the desert. Sure, we can’t balance the budget, the state is broke and the local economy is tanking, but these are normal things we deal with in a recession. Then all of a sudden, the clock rolled back to 1809 and we’re legalizing concealed weapons, stopping people because they are brown and making the president prove that he was born in America?? Did someone drink canal water or something?

Now, we are gun people. We own guns, we shoot guns, we respect guns. However I’m not sure why the legislature felt the need to legalize concealed weapons. People have always been allowed to have a concealed weapon with a permit – why do we need to throw that out the window? AND you could carry without a permit as long as you could see it. I’ve been to Bass Pro, I’ve seen the tough guys rolling around with a revolver on their hip – just in case some stuff starts to go down.. on a Sunday… in the fly fishing department…in Mesa. As long as the process was working (which it was because we have first hand knowledge of this process) why mess with it? Now we’re going to let any ya-hoo legally carry a gun we can’t see? Sure sure, someone already carries a gun that we can’t see without a permit. But do we really want to take away the ability to arrest a dangerous person for doing so?

I’m ignoring the “Birther Bill”. It’s too stupid to address and it’s embarrassing our state.

Lastly, the Immigration Bill. All I’m going to say is this – how does it not lead to racial profiling? What are the measures that should be used for just cause to stop someone and ask them to prove they are a citizen if you’re not looking at their skin color, language or culture? Is it the type of music they listen to? So if they are playing Kenny Chesney they are legal and if you’re listening to Pitbull you’re not??

Ok, I’ve had my rant. Again, this will most likely be the last time I’ll write something political, but I feel it had to be said. I just had to get the thought in people’s minds that not everyone in AZ agrees with the madness!

And if you disagree – write you’re own blog, but don’t stop reading mine. I have a dream of being Julie and Julia one day 😉

One thought on “Politics Shmolitics

  1. Kristin says:

    Hear, hear! (NOT “here, here” as I learned on wikipedia just now) I completely agree with you. What the h*ll is going on?!

    P.S. I laughed out loud that you made a Pitbull reference.

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