Good Service is Hard to Find

If you ever need good service somewhere, I’ll let you borrow Baylie. She has this amazing power to turn even the crankiest person into a big old softie. And she’s memorable so it’s not just a one off!

Take for instance the dry cleaners. The cheap cleaners to be precise. I think it’s like $1.55 for any article of clothing and I had them do a big table-cloth once and it was like $7. It’s awesome, but I’m sure the people working there make next to nothing so customer service is not really part of that $1.55. Most of them pretend not to speak english and you’re lucky if they don’t throw your clothes and change at you on the way out. Until there was Baylie. Something about that little bald head and toothy smile that just melts people. Now when we walk in, we have to allow for at least 10 minutes so they can all talk to her and she can tell them about her week. My mom used to always tip the same ladies and they never noticed. She told them that she was Baylie’s “Noni” and now they practically carry her laundry out to her car.

She’s also very handy at the doctor’s office. I broke down and went to the doctor last week for a sinus infection – but by the time I called I could either have an appointment in 20 minutes or in 2 days so I had to take the one in 20 minutes. Bay had just woken up for her nap and had eaten, but it’s always a little scary taking her somewhere when you don’t know how long you’re going to be there. She was an angel – she stood at the chair next to me and methodically took everything out of my purse and put it on the chair next to me, picked the things she liked (usually my wallet, it always makes me nervous) and then put back the things she didn’t like. Once word got around to the back office that there was a cute kiddo in the waiting room, we were called back where we then were paraded around to each of the nurses stations. We were taken to an examination room where a nurse came in immediately and asked me my symptoms in between questions on Bay. Then the doctor, same thing. And finally another nurse with medicine and shots (eesh!). We were in and out in 35 minutes. I’ve been literally dying and not made it out of that doctor’s office in less than 2 hours. Plus, I didn’t have to weigh myself and didn’t have to fill out the paperwork on health history because there wasn’t enough time. My step dad was in the same office a week later and when everyone found out he was Baylie’s “Pop”  they were all over him too.

The only poor service experience we’ve had together was 2 weeks ago. And looking back, I could see why a baby’s presence in this particular store may not have been welcome. Peter purchased a new shot-gun for a VERY early birthday present for himself. The stinking thing would not assemble correctly so I had to take it back to the store to have them look at it (why me? excellent question…). So there I am, baby and purse on one arm, 15 lb metal box containing gun parts under the other, walking into an outdoor man’s paradise. I ask someone where to go and they showed me the way – without taking the 4ft long, heavy box from me. Because I’m super mom I was able to manage, but jeeze. I get Mr.”Oh here honey, let me help your pretty little dumb self out with that” who instantly snaps the gun together and looks at me like I’ve asked him for a kidney when I ask him to disassemble it and then let me do it. All the while Bay is standing at my side waving to the random people walking around.  He also acted like I asked him for a ride home when I hinted I would just looove some help carrying the damn thing back to the car. Now, I know that this is awkward. I love nothing more than bringing my daughter to a store with guns, but we are doing this for my loving, hard working hubby damn it, help me out!

So if you need some help in the service department, I highly suggest borrowing your adorable niece, nephew, cute neighbor kid, etc. Dress them cute and watch the service improve for years to come!

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