Pretty People

I’ve been working out at the gym lately. I really don’t like to go to the gym, it’s a total pain to get dressed and drive there – I would so much rather workout at home or go for a run. But since it’s still 113 degrees and 40% humidity, taking Baby Cakes for a 5k is not in the cards until October (when the low is actually cooler than 95 degrees). Thus, the gym.

My workout doesn’t require any machines, mostly a yoga mat, a kettle bell and maybe a ball. Mostly I need some space and someone to wrangle the kiddo. A few weeks ago I was working out in the mirrored room when I became really sick of looking at pretty people walk by. I have a serious issue with people that wear lots of makeup and really pretty workout clothes to the gym. Really, a full face of makeup, hair done AND an adorablely coordinated Nike outfit? Really? Who has that much time?? If you have time to take 2 showers a day, you need a hobby.

I understand common decency, you don’t need to look like a total disaster. I refrain from wearing my over sized Georgetown Law t-shirt and I do put on some concealer and mascara because scaring people with my Night of the Living Dead impression is not nice. There are limits in my scrubiness though – some people (who shall remain unnamed) have been known to go to the gym wearing a t-shirt that is at least 10 years old and has a hole in the armpit so big, this person can put deodorant on without having to reach under the shirt. I’m just saying, there are limits people.

One thought on “Pretty People

  1. candid_cactus says:

    This I can totally relate to. I also feel annoyed when I see people all made up for gym. I do treadmill and circuit when I go to the gym, and like you say, I go in ordinary work out clothes, hardly coordinated. When I get off the treadmill after running 3km, my face is blood red with blotches of white, sweat pouring down my forehead – let’s just say I’ve given myself a fright when I’ve headed to the bathroom after a workout and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. BUT that’s why I go to the gym – to work hard so I can look good the rest of the time. But those damn airheads ruin it for the rest of us when they make the gym into the workout barbie parade. As you say, they should find a better hobby because the rest of us just don’t have time.

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