Welcome to the ‘hood

We live in a great neighborhood. Great location, nice people, little if any crime (knock on wood). We do, however, have a very ghetto neighbor. They are very nice, at least they seem friendly, but they have a green front yard. And by green, I mean they have poured concrete where flowers and grass should be and then painted it green. Not kidding. They also at some point cut down their palm tree into little stumps for sitting. So there is a nice, semi circle of stumps on the concrete. It’s pretty awesome.

As Peter and I drove by their “yard”, we noticed they were having a party – a fiesta or pachanga, if you will (insert  joke about Sheriff Joe identifying illegal immigrants by the type of party they throw because that’s not racial profiling ~here~). I waved as we passed.

Peter was suddenly struck – had I gone and made friends with the them? Was I going to suggest that we also cement our yard to avoid high water bills? I explained to PW that I wave to them because they are our neighbors and I want them to know we’re friendly people. I also wave  in the hopes that if they decided that our house looks good for the robbing, that they will recognize me in our family pictures as their nice neighbor who waves to them and decide to leave only empanadas and not rob us blind.

So the next time your ghetto neighbor is out and about, be sure to be nice so they skip your house and rob another 🙂

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