Weighing Your Options

If you’ve ever watched the biggest looser, you know that when the contestants weigh in the numbers on the scale jump around from low to high and back for several minutes (well, seconds, but it feels like minutes!) before finally settling on the contestants actual weight. I used to find this very annoying, but recently realized that I actually prefer this method of discovering your weight.

After gaining 40ish pounds (unofficially) while pregnant with Bay, I found it incredibly hard to loose said 45ish (officially, but whose’s asking?) pounds. As I’m sure you’ve all read in previous blogs, I started working out with the world’s greatest trainer, Jen. It took almost a full 9 months to get it all off, but I did and I even lost a few “vanity pounds” as my friend Stephanie would say. No, I’m not bragging, but I will say that I EARNED that 45 pound loss. I have a minimum of 2 sore muscle groups a week from the workouts. But I digress…while on the scale this weekend, the rude little contraption just hit me with the number – BAM! No working me into the fact that there was an extra 2 pounds that weren’t there a few days ago. I don’t need that kind of directness at 6am on a Monday! I need a few big numbers flashed at me first before the scale settles on the higher than usual number. I need to be eeeeased into it, not smacked across the face with it.

So, yet another invention goes on my list along with Church Toys and My First Real (Pretend) Cell Phone – the “Ease You In” Scale. Where it will flash a few big numbers before giving you the actual number. And maybe even have little words of encouragement like “It’s ok! Weight fluctuates! It’s just water weight!” just to help with the shock value.

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