What Did You Call Me?!

I realized the other day that Peter and I have a lot of stupid names we call Baylor. They are all funny names that have come up from the various stages in her life and the activities that happen during those stages.

For example, when she was first born I made the mistake of calling her “crib” in the hospital (which is more like a big, clear plastic bucket) her crate – as in the dog crates we use at home. I found this hilarious but the nurse did not. We found ourselves calling her Puppy for a while after that.

She was also referred to as the Drool Monkey for a while. The drool part is obvious, don’t ask me where the monkey part came from. We were sleep deprived and found stupid things hysterical. Angel Baby evolved to Angel Puff and then to Puffer until she started eating Gerber Puffies and then that stopped.

We’ve always affectionately called her Baby Man Hands because she has well, really big hands for a kid. And they seemed really large when she was very small. She has always been Toots McGoots and Stinks McGinks for obvious reasons.

And lastly, she is Crayon Eater. While sweetly coloring with Peter last weekend, she randomly picked up her crayon, observed it, and then bit off the tip. And so, a new nick name is born.

(Bear is really trying to look pathetic in this one…and you see where the Puppy name comes in..!)

One thought on “What Did You Call Me?!

  1. Megan says:

    What is up with the crayons? Mara does the same thing and I just don’t get it. Ooh and she gets so mad when I dig it out of her mouth!

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