New Rules at Starbucks

Well really, these are my new rules, but they should really consider adopting them.

1. If you are in line for longer than 1 minute and then you hesitate when it’s your turn to order,  you forfeit your turn.

2. If you are too consumed by your cell phone to notice the barista asking you what you want, you forfeit your turn.

3. If you cut in front of a woman with a child because you are too oblivious to notice that there is a line 12 people deep, I will say something smart like “No no, I wasn’t in line. Please, stand in front of me”.

4. If you don’t feel that using phrases like “excuse me” and “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was stepping on your foot” are beneath you, you forfeit your turn.

5. If your order has more than 4 instructions, you forfeit your turn (no Peter, a grande skinny vanilla latte does not count).

The things I will tolerate for my caffeine fix and because I have a gift card!

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