Dream A Little Dream

When I get overwhelmed, I find myself daydreaming of whatever I think would make whatever task I’m working on complete, or even just easier or more fun. In the middle of one of these daydreams while folding 3 heaping baskets of laundry, I “checked in” and realized A. how funny these thoughts are B. how totally unrealistic they are and C. how much better it makes me feel to think of how much happier I would be if I actually had them. So here’s my list:

– A person to come to my house once a week and give me a free, warp speed manicure and pedicure so that I don’t have to spend the time and or money on it and I don’t look like I have talons instead of finger nails.

– A relative who needs a guinea pig for facials and eye brow waxing.

– A floor where nothing ever sticks to your feet because it’s always clean.

– The ability to not only survive but thrive and concur the world on only three hours of sleep a night.

– Unlimited gift cards to the Container Store.

– Free overnight shipping from any website any time.

– Dishes and laundry that do themselves.

Sigh. I guess it’s all wishful thinking until I find a bottle with a genie in it. Or wine. Whatever comes first.

2 thoughts on “Dream A Little Dream

  1. Christiane says:

    Here’s my daydream: that I actually get paid the going rate for all the house keeping, cooking, child care, pet sitting, landscaping, etc. that I do. Then I’d be so rich, I could hire other people to do it for me!

  2. Tori Nelson says:

    I ditto Christiane’s comment. The best-paying profession would quickly go from professional athletes to professional diaper changers!
    P.S. If you figure out a way to make the speedy manicure thing happen, let a sister know. I hate sitting at a nail salon almost as much as I hate having mangled looking hands!

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