And So It Begins…

I love Barbie. I’ve played with them since I could hold the tiny little Barbie sized brush in my hand. I’ve held many a Barbie wedding with my favorite Barbie in a dress I hand-made.  I started collecting them when I was ten years old – my dad gave me The Empress Bride Barbie designed by Bob Mackie. It’s still one of my favorites. My collection lives at my mom’s house in a retrofitted 7 foot tall cabinet and there are 100+ dolls lovingly displayed – which are the envy of my niece and young cousin since they can’t actually touch them.

Baylie  has two vintage inspired prints in her room and I’ve been teaching her to say “Barbie” since the day she was born. All the while worrying that she might – gasp – not love them as much as I do.

This week, I got my answer. While picking her up from Noni’s, I showed her mommy’s Barbies and she loved it. I opened the case and realized there are a few dolls I’ve never opened because they don’t have stands to keep them upright. In the mix I found one that Peter’s mom had given me – I can’t remember the occasion, but I’m sure it’s from her because it’s a Peter Rabbit theme. I pulled it out and asked Baylie if she would like it – she happily said yes, took the box and proceeded out the front door to the car so we could go home and open it. I couldn’t be happier.

Bay spent the rest of the afternoon helping Barbie drink her tea and brushing her hair. I just can’t wait to break out my amazing doll house and all the accessories. Mostly because I want B to have all the fun I used to have playing for hours…and a little because I want to play with them too.


The Barbie print over her changing table


Barbie enjoying some tea….

Trying hard to tear ourselves away from Curious George cartoons

Finding the irony in brushing Barbie’s hair when it’s Baylie who needs the brush on her head

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

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