Birthday Par-Tay

Peter and I had a blast planning Baylor’s 2nd birthday party this year. It was so much more fun because she actually understood what a party was and that it was all for her. We had crazy straw cups, the new climber, a bouncer, a home-made game of “Pin the Stuff on Baylor”, design your own glasses, cookie cake and lots of friends. What more could a girl need?

Just waiting for her buddies….

Bubbles make everything fun!

Auntie Ali

No boys allowed!

Pin the Stuff on Baylor – will be more fun in a few years

Willow makes “design your own glasses” look goooood

Blow out the candles before the wind does!

Check out Stephanie’s blog for more great pics and her daughter Kelsey’s favorite parts!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Par-Tay

  1. thor27 says:

    The Goon room that’s a good one !!! You lucky darling you the terrible twosies followed by the traumatic threesies fearsome foursies ferocious five and at last relief the school six. Enjoy mama what so many of us have already endured. Come visit my blog sometime.

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