The CarCart – Bain of my Existance

What I want to know is this: who is the asshole who created the car cart at the grocery store?? Because this person should be forced to push this contraption around with them everywhere they go and see what a pain in the ass it is.

First of all, the placement of the car is not helpful. It’s low and in front of the basket which makes it impossible to A. steer and B. see where you’re going. Many an end of aisle display has been damaged by these beasts.

Second, because the actual car part is low to the ground, the kiddo is constantly hanging out a window or the windshield trying to get a better view. Or worse case, she decides it’s more fun to push the cart. Thus making what is already an annoying process, impossible.

Third, the damn things are always filthy. I even asked the manager at Safeway (who is on a first name basis with both Baylor and I because we’re there so much) if they could clean them. He says they sprayed them in bleach and scrubbed and they still look like a herd of pigs stomped through them.

I’ve had to resort to more and more elaborate lies to keep B out of them. The car is out of gas, it’s stuck, it’s broken, it’s only for big kids…the list goes on an on. And then there are days where the lies just don’t work and I give into the persistence. Only to end up pushing the cart with the help of my assistant – which turns a half hour trip into an hour plus. All the while cursing the car cart….

5 thoughts on “The CarCart – Bain of my Existance

  1. Ashley Hunter Hall says:

    These car carts are to the bain of my existance also!!! I Love & hate them SOOO. With 3 kiddos 3 & Under these car carts are almost the only way I can go shopping with all 3 children, making for a complete circus with the 3 & 18 month old in the car (CHAOS) and the baby in ehr infant seat up on top leavign em a very small basket for my food. They are FILTHY! THEY ARE HUGE, THEY DONT STEER AT ALL. The worst part is they are the perfect height for the kiddos to pull GOD KNOWS WHAT kind of groceries they deem necessary into the car with them. Ugggg I feel you pain.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Just found your blog after visiting ScottsdaleMomsBlog…this post made me laugh out loud. Think I actually snorted a bit. I have often wondered who said asshole could possibly be…damn car carts! Happy shopping.

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