Back to Life…

At 5:30am this morning, the alarm clock went off. The following are the thoughts, in order, that went through my head:

1. what the hell is that noise??

2. where am I??

3. why did I set the alarm clock on vacation?

4. oh crap, vacation is over and I’m home. So what was the alarm for?

5. oh right, wake up Peter so he can go run. I wonder if he really wants to run….


Ah the day after a fun and relaxing vacation is never easy. It’s back to the reality of emails, bills and work. And a serious amount of laundry and ironing. Sigh…

I mean seriously. And this isn’t even all of it.

Also, be sure to catch my new post on Scottsdale Moms Blog. Super cute DIY kids calendar that I made for Baylor. She still thinks every day is Friday, but really, don’t we all?

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