New Year’s with Old Friends

We spent new year’s eve with one of my best friends, Beth (Marengo) Meyers and her always hysterical hubby Grant. They hosted a fantastic get together at their house where we ate, drank and played games until the wee hours of the night.

Beth slaved all day (or many days I’m sure) to create a tablescape that was second to none – not only were the appetizers delicious, they were beautifully presented. Shrimp salad in martini glasses, pulled pork sliders with slaw and a pickle on top with little toothpicks, beef crudities, antipasta platter, dips, chips, homemade pizzels, cheese cake bites and the list goes on and on! It was delicious too. She comes by it naturally, but it does seem a little unfair that she has that much talent 😉

Around 10, we started Celebrity. A game my step siblings introduced us to a few years ago and we’ve been obsessed ever since. PW and I have taught many a group of friends how to play, only to pass on the obsession  and fierce competition. We played boys verses girls and of course, the girls wiped the floor with the boys – despite rampant attempts to cheat on the guys side. Next came catch phrase and with a few doosies like “storm is brewing” and “au revoir” the girls were again triumphant. The new catch phrase came from Grant as he repeatedly declared the games “bullshit”.

PW and I enjoyed a lovely munchkin free night in B&G’s cozy casita and awoke to fresh baked cinnamon rolls, coffee, eggs and tasty leftovers from the night before. PW’s mom Marilyn, brought Bay over and she joined us for some breakfast and then it was home for everyone to catch a nap. Which is one of the standard favorite parts of a weekend for me.

We spent the afternoon packing up Christmas and enjoying the EIGHTY DEGREES outside by opening all the doors. The breeze was blowing and there was a tangible feeling of 2011 leaving and 2012 blowing into its place. We had some the saddest moments of my life loosing Mame and Travis T. Dog, but we had some really wonderful times too. Here’s to hoping that the breeze is warm and there is smooth sailing for 2012!

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