Busy Busy

Phew. It was one of those busy weekends that leave you in need of another weekend. Sadly, it’s going to be an equally busy busy week followed by another busy busy and super fun weekend! Here’s what we did:

Swim partner, Ryder’s 3rd birthday

Dinner with the Phi’s – my ribs still hurt from laughing

Dinner with our preschool friends – picture 4 towheads wearing every stinking piece of dress up clothes and accessories we have and parading through the house. It was fantastic.

Baby shower / house warming party for work friends.

Oh, and Bay has a touch of a cold which is making sleeping difficult…for everyone. But she’s in good spirits when awake and I’ve got my famous Bobbi Brown concealer to cover the oh-so-scary dark circles under my eyes so we’re in good shape.  And judging by the length of that last sentence, we do have coffee.

And in true I’m-having-way-to-much-fun-to-remember-to-take-a-pic form, I have no photo evidence of our super fun weekend. Boo.

But this week will prove to be equally busy with lots of water company work (so very close to completing our rate case – wahoo!), invoicing for the water co (always fun to create and then stuff 90 invoices into envelopes. Don’t worry, I reward myself with wine), Scottsdale Mom Blogs post (hello Valentine’s dinner in recipes),play dates, school and swim  –  and we wrap up the week with the George Straight concert and super bowl party. Phew. Glad we all napped yesterday.

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