Red Light Green Light

Jen the trainer told me about a great website called Yoga Glo. It’s a membership site where you can choose a yoga class to watch by either the length of time, type of yoga or specific issue (like back pain or prenatal). She assured me that it was no nonesense yoga – not too much om-ing and no corny music. And she was totally right. It’s just stretch, breathe, move on – perfect. I have big dreams of squeezing in 30 minutes on the patio during nap time when it’s finally cool in the afternoon!

I was doing a prenatal session with an emphasis on sciatica (that fun nerve that shoots down your back and leg – mine always gets irritated when pregnant). In the begining of the session, the instructor has you do some simple and calming breathing. Basically in through the nose and out through the mouth – but she added a visual effect. She instructs you to picture soothing, cool, healing green light. When you inhale, you visualize breathing the green light in and pull into wherever the pain is. And when exhaling, you visualize red light leaving your mouth and taking any pain, irritation or anxiety with it.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking “uh, that sounds a little too om-y….” and maybe it is. But something about the visual really makes it work. I tried it yesterday when I started to feel the anxiety creeping up that usually drives me to run a few miles or scrub the house top to bottom and within a few minutes, the tightness in my chest floated out upon exhaling – and it stayed away too.

The house, however, is still dirty. I need to try visualizing green light while moping I guess…


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