Wen Are You Going To Try This?

Ok. We’ve all seen the infomercials for Wen Haircare. And we’ve all had the same thought; “Of COURSE that makes your hair beautiful…when you have a professional stylist!”. But damn if that infomercial isn’t tempting…

A few months ago I couldn’t resist so I Googled some reviews. All of them were the same: great product, horrible company. Apparently when you order directly from Wen, they enroll you in their monthly refill program and automatically send you a new bottle each month and bill your credit card. Insult to injury – it’s next to impossible to un-enroll in the program. Undeterred, I ordered from Amazon instead.

Not going to lie, this stuff is weird. It’s like washing your hair with conditioner. But you don’t use it like conditioner or shampoo, you literally have to rub your entire scalp for a few minutes AND then leave it to sit in your hair. But this stuff is amazing. I have super fine hair that tends to look scraggly when it gets too long. The Wen stuff keeps it fluffy and full, even past my shoulders.

I knew it was legit when my stylist asked what I was doing. I asked her in return if there was any down side to Wen – her thoughts were that she didn’t totally understand it, but from the looks of my locks, there was no down side!

I’m now about 6 months in and still going strong – but don’t throw out your other shampoo and conditioner. In my opinion, my hair needs a good, sudsy scrub about every 3-4 days. Maybe it’s just me, but I think Wen builds up a little after a few days. The true test will come in the next few months when the pregnancy hair starts to fall out. Fingers crossed that it’s minimal and Wen can keep what’s left beautiful….

Also, buy from Amazon. I’ve purchased 3 times now and never had any issues – just make sure you don’t buy from Wen through Amazon. Now go get infomercial hair!

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