Power Play

June marked the first of the “summer” power bills for us. It’s that time of year when our bill goes from being manageable to being  a car payment (literally). I choke every time I open that email.

Last month I went to our power company’s website and found their service plan section. They list a bunch of options where you can minimize your use during full peak hours (9am to 9pm), super peak (7pm – noon), etc. We picked the super peak – basically we don’t use the washer, dryer, dishwasher or oven from noon to 7pm Monday through Friday. And we keep the air turned to 81 (which when it’s 112, feels pretty awesome). You can use those things if you need to, but you pay a higher rate during those peak times and a lower one during off peak.

The first week was a bit of a challenge to remember that the laundry had to get done first thing in the morning and to stay on it so it was done by noon. And we are a 8-10 load a week kind of house. Once I got the hang of the timing, it was great. First of all it got all the laundry done before nap time so I could fold without someone pulling it all off the table (his name rhymes with doggie…). Second, it was a good excuse to not throw in a load but save it up so I had a full load rather than a half load of clothes.

We just got our first bill today and I squinted as I opened the email…drum roll please….we saved $181.83!! I was a little shocked at how big the savings were. But it’s a great incentive to keep going and see if we can keep it up. We may be sweaty, but really, who isn’t at this time of year? But we’ll be rich! Or at least not poor!


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