Super Hero Afternoon

We are busy lately. Like 4 events each weekend day, tball, swim, school, birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, rehearsal dinners, brunches, end of school parties – you name it, we’re doing it. And usually all in the same day. But once in awhile we get an afternoon where everyone has napped and is happy AND we don’t have any plans. I got to watch Baylor’s imagination stretch out and she decided she needed to be a super hero. She dug into the dress up basket and came up with a cape and mask – and a cape for Mac. It was fun to watch her stomp around looking for bad guys – and to have her want projects. I cried and said that some bad guy had pulled all the shoes off the shelf in the closet and I desperately needed someone to organize them…I really wish she wanted to be a super hero everyday.


This guy was his own kind of super hero. Of course at Halloween he refused to wear this helmet but now…NOW it’s awesome! He walked around and says “wooowooo! woooo!” – his version of a siren.


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