Kiddo Know it Alls

This is the conversation Auggie and I had walking into the bathroom at the doctor’s office today:

AW: waving his hand in front of the light sensor: “IIIIII. AAAAMMMM. A genius! See? I made the yight (light) turn on. I knew you had to wave your hand in front of it. Genius.”

Me: “You know your shorts are on backwards, right?”

AW: “Uuuuuhhh…yeah. I did know dat.  I like dem dat way. Genius!”

Me: palm to forehead


2 thoughts on “Kiddo Know it Alls

  1. Stephanie DeHaven says:

    I’m seriously kind of crying laughing. Tell Auggie miss Debhaven needs to see his genius. 🙂 and if you didn’t see my text YES I’ve got Baylor Saturday.

    Thanks much- -Stephanie

    Stephanie DeHaven


  2. aggmom3 says:

    So cute Beth! I’m glad that you document these precious moments as if you were journaling, but just think….Auggie didn’t have his boots on the wrong feet 🙂 hugs…Nana Toone

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