Saturday Hikes

A few times this summer, I convinced myself to ignore the urge to sleep in on a Saturday and went for a hike. Each time I realized how amazing it was to watch the sunrise from the side of a mountain. How much cooler the air was at 6am at the peak of Camelback. And how nice it was to enjoy some peace and quiet without having to watch the clock.

This past weekend, I was treated to a truly breathtaking sunrise, vegetation that was greener than I’ve seen in months and a cool breeze with just a few sprinkles of rain.

I looked like a total tourist taking so many pictures, but I really couldn’t resist. At least I wasn’t hauled off the mountain by paramedics like a tourist so there’s that.


Seriously, I couldn’t get over how green it was


A view from the top


One thought on “Saturday Hikes

  1. Leonette Toone says:

    Oh Beth, thank you for sharing your moments of peace and beauty! God is so wonderful, all you have to do is seek Him and see Hm in nature’s glorious beauty and colors! Stephanie & Jeff can share some beautiful sunsets from the beach at Anna Maria Island, FL. The valley looks great for this time of year! We actually have green grass in TX, late August and early September….amazing, but only because of the late summer rains we have had so we are enjoying the extended color spectrum as well. Have a fabulous holiday today!

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