Holiday Do Over

I want a do over.

All of the Wand’s in our house fell like dominoes to the nasty flu virus the week of Thanksgiving. Slowly but surely, we went down one by one. We visited the doctor 4 times the week of Thanksgiving; fevers of 103, croup (momma learned her lesson – I refused to leave the office without steroids), wheezing, vicious secondary infections…by the time Monday rolled around, I took both kids back to the doctor and with very little examination, everyone walked out with antibiotics. I think our doctor took one look at my face and knew I meant business. There would be no “wait it out” on bronchitis.

That said, here we are a solid 2 weeks later and we are just now getting to enjoy the holiday season. We missed a whole two weeks of holiday fun. Instead of happily putting up the Christmas tree, it was a race to finish before the DayQuil wore off. Rather than enjoying hot chocolate, snuggled on the couch, we were downing fluids and hiding under the covers. We traded fun parties for household 7pm bedtime. Instead of the smell of warm, cinnamon candles, our house smelled like we had invested in Vicks Vapor Rub and bleach.

So now that everyone is feeling a bit more human, we’re catching up on all the fun. I’m squeezing our lost two weeks into the next two weeks. We’ve updated and added to the decorations. We’ve done Zoo Lights and watched Prep and Landing at least 15 times WITH hot chocolate (and a little Baileys…), presents are wrapped, cards are out. We are ready to participate! Christmas 2014, here we come!

IMG_2688 (2)

Sick of Being Sick

Last Thursday everyone started feeling crummy…lots of sneezing, sore throats, stuffy noses all around. And of course, Baylor’s mystery cough was still present. Auggie’s tear ducts seemed to be infected (again) so we did a family trip to the doctor. An ear infection, a possible sinus infection, low oxygen levels and an eye infection were the diagnosis (and that was just the kids!). Four prescriptions later, we were out the door and on a first name basis with the lovely pharmacist at CVS.

Medicating the team is literally a full time gig. Antibiotics can’t be taken with reflux medicine. Probiotics needed to keep the antibiotics from killing off even the good bacteria…it’s a process to say the least. Also, see the white thing in the top of the big bottle? This is the greatest invention ever – it has a tiny hole that the measuring thing fits into so you can get every last drop of medicine without spilling!


Auggie has been sleeping in his car seat in our room for a week – it’s the only way he can sleep because if he is laying down, he gets stuffed up and wakes up. Last night I found him like this:


Which I took to mean he was ready to get back to his crib. I elevated the mattress and he slept the entire night in there – although he didn’t sleep the entire night. I don’t know if he’s having a growth spurt or catching up from not eating much last week – man that kid can really pack it away. He’s had two long naps today so fingers crossed, if it’s a growth spurt, we’ve entered the sleepy phase. 5 hour sleep stretches please come back!!

I broke down on Tuesday and called in reinforcements so I could go to the doctor. I took whichever doctor was available and got the guy who was going to solve all my problems. After 5 minutes of scrolling through my history he deduced that I go to the doctor approximately 4 times a year with a sinus infection. It took all my strength not to say “yeah. I know because I’M THE ONE WITH THE SINUS INFECTION”. He decided (after looking at what kind of health insurance I have – i.e. the kind that would pay for a lot of crap) that I needed an x-ray of my head. I did explain that I would do pretty much whatever he wanted as long as he promised me right now that I could have antibiotics and whatever else would make my teeth stop feeling like they were going to pop out of my mouth. 4 x-rays later he proclaimed “see that little, tiny, sliver of black right there? That’s your nasal airway. You really cannot breathe!!”. If I had had slept in increments longer than 90 minutes the night before, I very well might have punched him. He made good on his promise and loaded me up with the good stuff and 48 hours later, I’m feeling much improved. I still can’t smell, but I can breathe so I’ve got that going for me. And around here, sometimes it’s not a bad thing not to be able to smell anything…I go back in 2 weeks to have my head re x-rayed to look for an underlying cause of reoccurring sinus infections. I know Peter is dying to let out all the “you need your head examend  jokes he can think of.

Oh. And Auggie’s eye infection? Totally pink eye. And we all got it (except Peter, damn him). Talk about insult to injury. The smell of Vick’s Vapo Rub and bleach is almost visible around our house.

Garlic Shots

Two weeks. We are closing in on two weeks of sickness around here. As soon as one of us starts feeling better, another is feeling worse. And then we switch.

A family friend told me about a Mexican homeopathic remedy that was sure to ward off whatever illness I have an also keep me healthy. As I was scribbling down the recipe, I started feeling a little queasy at the thought of ingesting the concoction. But I’m into natural remedies and I would like to get rid of my Rudolph nose, so I was in.

I gathered all of the ingredients and then began mixing: 2 cloves of garlic finely crushed. Juice of 1 lemon. Honey. A little hot water. And I added some crushed ginger because it too is a great immunity booster, and if you’re going to drink something disgusting, it might as well be really sick. I stirred all the ingredients together in a high ball glass because it made it feel a little more fancy.

Then the moment had come. I couldn’t mix any more so it was time to drink. I picked up the glass and chugged that beast like it was Thursday at Dirtbags and the glass was filled to the rim with a Sicilian Whore.

And really? It was not the worse thing I had ever had. It sort of tasted like a sauce you would use on chicken – a little spicy and sweet. So if you see a recipe here soon with those ingredients, you’ll know where the idea came from.

As for the immunity properties, I’m undecided. I think it might do better if you were trying to stay healthy rather than get healthy. So Bay and I opted for a trip around the medical complex (our doctor’s are right next door to each other) and got loaded up with antibiotics. We’ll save the lemon garlic honey mix for the chicken.

Yet Another Note To Self…

When sick and looking to whatever decongestant the pharmacist just had me sign for – no matter how many time’s I’ve taken it, and no matter how many pills are in each little bubble in the package, check to see what the dosage is. Because it’s no fun feeling like I’m walking through a pool of molasses all day only to find out I could have and should have taken two pills instead of just the one.

Also, stay at home moms should get sick days. Just saying.