Nap Time No More

I knew this day was coming. I’ve been fighting it for months. But apparently now at 17 months, Baylie has won and so she no longer takes a morning nap.

Now, I know all the non-moms are saying “Yeah, so?”. But all the moms are giving me a solomn, sad and knowing nod. Because the end of a morning nap means there is only one nap in a day instead of two. The whole day’s routine now has to be adjusted and new events and activities planned to fill the void left by the lack of a nap.

Even though Baylor no longer needs that morning nap, I still very much want and need that morning nap! Well, nap time any way. It’s at that time I do crazy things like shower, dry my hair and attempt to look like a human, laundry, dishes, ironing, dog washing, house cleaning, blogging, bill paying, connecting with the outside world, etc. And other important things like go to the bathroom without an audience / assistant waiting to pull out the toilet paper for me.

The upside is that with this new phase of circadian rhythm is that Bay is content to entertain herself for longer periods of time. On a good day it  means she will play nicely in her room while simultaneously watching Baby Einstein and without taking a header off of anything. On a not so good day, it means this:



So farewell morning nap. You will be missed!!

A Work Pile of Crap

I have a pile of things that need to be ordered or found and then ordered online. I am avoiding the pile because none of it is fun stuff. There’s no “order something new and cute from your favorite store!” in my pile. It’s all stuff that needs to get done but is so mundane, it depresses me to do it  so here I sit writing about it rather than working through it. Here’s what’s in my list:

1. Order ink cartridges. $50 and no fun. I went to the HP site to get a coupon and found I had to take a survey to do so. Fine fine. But then it said it would take a few days before they would email me the coupon. Nice. Move to the bottom of the pile.

2. Order vacuum bags. Yuck. Mostly because it makes me think that it’s been awhile since I’ve changed the vacuum bag and it’s gross to do. Peter is thinking “whoa, there are BAGS that have to get changed?!”.

3. Dig out the folder from the remodel. Riffle through it to find a receipt that may or may not exist for the cabinetry. Then begin the long task of contacting the company that makes the cabinets and convince them that they want to fix our pull out trash can for free so I don’t have to order one of the oh-so-expensive generic replacement sliding cans at $250 a pop. I need to get my mean face on for this one and it’s been used up a lot lately on the kid.

4. Order Baylie vitamins. Not a big deal, but I get them from and I always get sucked into buying something else which is actually very fun, however, not fun for the bank account.

5. Pay our APS bill. Hopefully having a nice cool house will make Baylie smart so she can get a scholarship to college because all her 529 money is going to pay the electricity bill.

And so the pile grows…

It’s 7:30am And I’m Ready to Throw In the Towel

I woke up to a phone call with a family member needing some obscure item at 6:30am. This would normally not be a big deal, except today for some reason, Baylie had slept past 6am and through PW leaving for work. And therefore I got to sleep past 6am, that is until the phone rang. The most annoying part? The person clearly knew I was asleep and didn’t say “hey, sorry I woke you up” just rambled on about what she needed and did I have it.

Peter has a big seminar today and left some notes at home so that was the second call at 7am. This shouldn’t have been a big deal, but the kiddo was crabbing in the background looking for more milk/banana/Bear and made it super fun to try to read off notes over the phone. She had also just tried to “help” feed the dogs and dumped an entire cup of food on the floor and in their water bowl.

Lastly, Baylie is teething, again. And because the lovely little tablets that make her less cranky have been recalled, we’re doing this cold turkey. She doesn’t want to eat, but is crabby because she’s hungry. She wants something, but doesn’t know what. She wants your attention so she is grabbing the remote off the counter, my purse off the chair and dumping it, and prank calling random people from my cell phone.

Again, it’s only 7:30am.

I’m hoping that a run to the park and some play time will help.  Or at least keep me alive until nap time…

I Heart Sesame Street – Even if Katy Perry is Inappropriately Dressed

First, I don’t actually think what she was wearing was all that bad – I have that shirt in purple (only kidding). Just in case you’ve been living in a cave:

But this is not the point of today’s blog. The point is that my sweet Baylie Bay has discovered Sesame Street. She’s previously only ever been interested in Baby Einstein and would never pay attention to anything on TV (except for the Geico commercial where the little piggy screams “wwweeeeee!!!”. She loves that one). It’s probably because it’s almost always on the Today Show and even I don’t watch it, I just need people speaking in full sentences with actual words in the background so I don’t lose it.

However, this morning when I put on channel 8 just to see what she would do, she was transfixed. Maybe it was because they were doing laundry and this has been one of B’s favorite activities since she could stand and move things from the washer to the dryer. Or maybe she’s just ready to move beyond colorful toys and classical music, by Momma is in heaven. A half hour of quiet time outside of the meer 2 hours of nap time a day is golden. It means a shower, hair and makeup without having to wrestle my mascara away from her. A chance to get dressed all at one time instead of pulling Bay out of the dog water dish while trying to get on jeans. Ahhh, serenity is a shower in silence.

On a side note, we packed up the Pack n’ Play yesterday and put it into storage where it will wait for the next kiddo. It was a little bittersweet. 30% of me was a little sad to see the bed that Bay slept in for the first 2 months (ok, 5) of her life leave our bedroom. The other 70% of me was shocked that our room is SO MUCH BIGGER without a pack n’play, two dog crates and a sound machine. You see, Bear and Travis did not take kindly to Ms.B when she first arrived so we reintroduced crates, which they actually really like. And in fear that they would feel neglected if moved to the office rather than sleep in our room, we put their crates in there. And because two elderly dogs make a lot of noise in their sleep (snuffling, farting, snoring) and so do babies (snuffling, farting, snoring – no one tells you that they make TONS of noise even when they sleep!) and Peter talks in his sleep (I, however, am totally silent and keep to my side of the bed and in no way steal the covers and wrap myself up so that Peter can’t get them back), we had a very loud sound machine to drown out all the noise so everyone could actually sleep.

Now, the crates are gone. The pack n’play is gone and the sound machine has moved to Bay’s room with her. All that’s left is silence – which in our world means only a slightly quieter din – but to us, it’s heaven.

This Is Why I Don’t Get Anything Done

Reasons I don’t accomplish much in a day other than keeping everyone alive:

1. Baylie dumping dog food into the water bowl and Bear T. Dog bobbing for it. Both of them and the floor covered in water.

2. Nothing is as fun as a messy room. As soon as Mommy cleans it up, Baylie messes it up.

3. I call a handy man to fix the pull out trash can and he calls me two days later and wants me to go online to find the replacement.

4. Leaky diapers.

5. Baylie and I plant two flats of petunias. Baylie pulls most of them out while my back is turned watering the pots.


It’s a good thing she’s so stinking cute. And yes, she’s playing with a tube of toothpaste…

You Know You’re a Mom When…

1. You can tackle almost any house hold task silently. Dishes, laundry, ironing,  vacuuming, mopping, etc all produce some kind of noise. A mom can do all with ninja like stealth.

2. Your purse weighs as much as your baby

3. The contents of your purse would help you through any imaginable scenario from a runny nose to a hungry kiddo to defusing a nuclear missile.

4. You can carry a baby, a purse, push a stroller and a coffee with ease.

5. When you hear classical music, you know which Baby Einstein dvd it’s from.

6. You speak in sing songy voices to adults by accident.

7. You can make a game out of folding clothes, doing dishes and eating vegetables.

8. You know that no toys is as fun or holds attention like a cell phone, keys or a random item in your purse can.

9. You measure lengths of time by nap times. “I got the entire yard trimmed, raked up AND a shower in one nap!”.

10.You have a ridiculously amazing ability to suck it up.

Today makes me envy working moms…

Look, I know I have it amazing, ok? So no snarky “I would love to be home with my baby!!” comments, ‘kay?

Because the truth is, yes, 9 times out of 10, you would like to be home with your kiddo full time. But that 1 time out of 10, you’d rather be at the office and let someone else deal with your earpiercing screaming, klingy, so tired she can’t stand it but refuses to nap, kid. For the last 2 hours I’ve tried everything to get Baylie to go down for her afternoon nap. After the first 45 minutes, I gave up only to have her run around screaming and hitting because she’s exhausted. She even kicked Bear the dog. Not that I haven’t thought about that once in awhile, but he wasn’t doing anything to deserve it so it was unfair (trust me, she has lots of opportunities when he’s being bad to kick him so we need to be sure to praise when he’s not being bad). So I fed her a snack, broke down and gave her a bottle (after no bottles for the last 2 days, arg!!) and no sleepy. But when I release her from her swaddle, she instantly melts down. I bounced and rocked her in her cool, quiet and dark bedroom for an hour – she finally closed her eyes and when I put her down, they popped back open. At this point I would hold her if she would just fall asleep, but noooo. So how am I writting this post right now? Well, we’re all in a bit of a time out. Bear and Travis are in the laundry room having their dinner, Bay is in her crib with classical music on and lots of toys and books and I am writting in an effort to vent my frustration and then off to fold the 3+ baskets of laundry that have been waiting for the last several hours.

Don’t think this is a great solution – there are spurts of screaming, loud and sad “Momma!!’s”, yabbering and even calling for Bear (which comes out more like “Baaah!!” like she’s from Boston). The quiet timeout is going to continue for at least as long as it takes me to finish the laundry. Hopefully by then everyone will be in a nicer place and we’ll all be able to play hide and seek and “Where’s Travis??” in a nice, non dog kicking manner.

If not, the wine opens early.