A Work Pile of Crap

I have a pile of things that need to be ordered or found and then ordered online. I am avoiding the pile because none of it is fun stuff. There’s no “order something new and cute from your favorite store!” in my pile. It’s all stuff that needs to get done but is so mundane, it depresses me to do it  so here I sit writing about it rather than working through it. Here’s what’s in my list:

1. Order ink cartridges. $50 and no fun. I went to the HP site to get a coupon and found I had to take a survey to do so. Fine fine. But then it said it would take a few days before they would email me the coupon. Nice. Move to the bottom of the pile.

2. Order vacuum bags. Yuck. Mostly because it makes me think that it’s been awhile since I’ve changed the vacuum bag and it’s gross to do. Peter is thinking “whoa, there are BAGS that have to get changed?!”.

3. Dig out the folder from the remodel. Riffle through it to find a receipt that may or may not exist for the cabinetry. Then begin the long task of contacting the company that makes the cabinets and convince them that they want to fix our pull out trash can for free so I don’t have to order one of the oh-so-expensive generic replacement sliding cans at $250 a pop. I need to get my mean face on for this one and it’s been used up a lot lately on the kid.

4. Order Baylie vitamins. Not a big deal, but I get them from Diapers.com and I always get sucked into buying something else which is actually very fun, however, not fun for the bank account.

5. Pay our APS bill. Hopefully having a nice cool house will make Baylie smart so she can get a scholarship to college because all her 529 money is going to pay the electricity bill.

And so the pile grows…

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