7 Things I am Ungrateful For

Things that I find extremely annoying:

7. Ratty haired children. Buy some freaking “No More Tears” conditioner, spray or whatever and brush the freaking kids hair.

6. Slow drivers who then speed up to make it through a yellow light leaving you at the red.

5. People who work out with their hair down. I understand if people don’t adhere to my strict “no hair loose even if it means I look like a beast” policy, but really, all your hair down and in your face??

4. Crazy drivers/parkers in the church parking lot. Everyone’s Catholic, until there’s only one “good” spot left.

3. Those stupid stickers people have on their cars with the three letter abbreviations on them.  Worse, the ones that are for a destination no one cares about. Example: HUD for Hudson, Ohio.

2. When a Lady Gaga song gets stuck in your head and you can hear it in your sleep. I had to finally give in and just start liking her to make it stop.

1. The lady at the CHILDREN’S park who lets her ugly little dog drink out of the human drinking fountain rather than the dog one (yes, there really is a little doggy drinking fountain). No no, ma’am, I love dog slobber and germs all over the drinking fountain. I don’t get enough of that at home so please, by all means.

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