Things I Have Learned from Halloween

1. Don’t buy candy until the day of Halloween when it is not just 20% off, but 60% off.

2. No matter how hard you try, you are going to under or over-estimate the amount of candy you need. This year: over-estimated.

3. Do not dress the kiddo in any costume where she can remove part of it herself. I.E. ears and or a tail

4. Do not accidentally catch the kiddo’s hair in her glow necklace. It will lead to her hysterically crying when she sees them in the future.

5. If a heard of teenagers dressed in all black who out weigh you and out number you come to your door, throw your rules about not giving out candy to such people and give them the candy.

6. No matter how hard I try, the kid is not going to A. look at the camera B. keep her costume on and look at the camera or C. smile, look at the camera and keep on her costume.

7. If the kid doesn’t learn to trick-or-treat this year or even next year, the world will not end. I need to enjoy the fact that she is perfectly content to sit on the patio and hand out candy to other munchkins.

8. I am an  master pumpkin carver!

I’m melting!!!

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