What My Christmas Gifts Say About Me

So this is belated, but it’s still funny so here  goes.

My sister gave me the following two gifts:

My first thought was “amazing gifts that will get used daily”. Then I started to think  about what her gifts say about me:

1. I have great sister who really knows me.

2. I got two gifts that will definitely get use.

3. I may have a bit of a caffeine addiction.

4. Perhaps I talk a little too much about my love of wine.

5. My sister is a smart ass.

2 thoughts on “What My Christmas Gifts Say About Me

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    Haha! Sisters have a way of loving and laughing at you at the very same time, don’t they? My sister got me a carboard (like maybe a leftover box of wipes?) box full of random soap and air freshener. I spent a whole year thinking she was trying to make a joke about my personal hygeine. Turns out she forgot to get me a gift and turned to her handy dandy “junk closet” for help 🙂
    I returned the favor the next year by getting her an XL Snuggie and a t-shirt that says WINNER!

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