What’s in Baylie’s Bag – 7th Edition

This week’s bag of choice was actually a box, rather than Baylor’s usual shopping bag or purse. I gave her an old hat box I used to use for stationary intending it for organizing some of the MANY toys we have accumulated. Instead, it served as a fun toy in itself. She played putting things in and out of it and then started her usual collection. Here’s this week’s booty:

New bunny, beany butt bear and little rabbit

Play coffee, an egg and two ice cream cones (is she my kid or what?)

Her Little Gym medal which she wore for a week after receiving (literally)

The gender neutral Little People Family and their furniture. No judgement, all I’m saying is that it’s hard to play “house” when you’re not sure which one is the mommy

Her favorite Emerald City surf shop t-shirt that she shares with Kat, her favorite stuffed animal

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