My Call Is NOT Important…

Listen DMV, let’s not pretend. My call is most definitely not important to you seeing as I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes. Lets just call a spade a spade and instead of interrupting the bad music every ten seconds making me think that you’re actually answering my call, just tell me you don’t care and you’ll get to my call when you get to it. Then at least I would respect you

This is the third time I’ve called to work out this an updated picture notice I received and so I knew all the numbers to push without having to listen to the loooong recording. The tricky bastards DISCONNECTED me because I pushed the buttons without waiting for the prompt. That’s low, even for you DMV.

3 thoughts on “My Call Is NOT Important…

  1. jasoncgerringer says:

    I have never had a smooth, quick experience with the DMV–ever. I’ve accepted it to be the way it is and the way it is always going to be.

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