What I Learned at Noni’s House

Noni (my mom) has always been sure to point out that Grandma (Peter’s mom) is the good grandparent. Grandma is the one that takes Baylor to the park, the zoo, the library and to play dates. They read books, count rocks and lots of other educational and fun things.

Noni, by her own admittance, is the trouble maker. She’s the one to teach Baylor how to make Noni iced tea including how to shake, tear and pour the Sweet N Low. How to break into the cabinet of Mommy’s favorite, beloved and collector Barbie dolls and then convince Mommy to let her have one. How to play jokes on Pop (my step dad) by hiding his hat or his phone. And how to eat ice cream out of the container, preferably while sitting on the counter.

But their favorite pastime is collecting golf balls while out for a walk and then waiting for golfers to tee off at the hole a few hundred yards from the back gate. They then throw a few golf balls out onto the course and  hide, waiting to watch the golfers walk around and decide which ball is theirs. Then they collect the balls and do it all over again.

This explains so much when B is tip toeing around the house and announcing, in a whisper, that she’s being “sneaky”. It always concerns me as to what and why she needs to be sneaky…

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