Halloween Recap

I came across pictures from Halloween and felt that despite the fact it’s mid November, they needed their own post. I’ve been busy, you know, not sleeping.

We teamed up with B’s buddy Morgan for the annual Trunk or Treat. Morgan’s parents, Stephanie and Jeff, are some of our favorite people. When Jeff and Peter met last year, Stephanie and I had to check to make sure they didn’t know each other prior to parent’s night, that’s how well they got along in the first 10 minutes of meeting each other. It was weird. But a good weird. They share a love of trucks, college football, alt county and unheard of beer labels. Stephanie and I are room moms together and have the same “I tackle 18 things at one time” mentality. The difference is, she makes it look good.

Our collective theme for Trunk or Treat was Pumpkin Patch. We brought the hay, they brought the scarecrows and pumpkins. In about 2 minutes, we were set up and the candy was ready to be handed out. We did make Peter and Jeff dress like farmers…however where we were thinking they should have overalls and straw hats, they both took an alternative route….well, you’ll see.

All in all, it was another super fun TorT event!


The “farmers”. Peter explained that every farmer he’s ever met dressed like this. The scary part? They both already owned the clothes they are wearing.


Minnie Mouse was not into taking pictures…Auggie was enjoying his pumpkin hat


Enjoying their pizza before the fun started!

For actual Halloween, we joined our friends the Lovells for their annual party. They are the greatest hosts – they always have the most delicious food, wine and candy! We set up shop in their driveway and take turns trick or treating, eating, trick or treating, playing, eating…you get the picture.

Minnie Mouse – take 2. Last year her costume was a hand me down from cousin Madi that was the real deal. It was bought at Disney World and had all the accessories  This year she had to settle for one ordered from the Disney store – which you would think would be nice. You would be wrong.


Poor second child…mommy didn’t even get him a real costume.

“I mustache you a question…”

Cousin Zoe as Little Red Ridding Hood

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