I have been carded three times in the last month. Which is a lot considering I can’t remember the last time I was carded…oh no, I do. I was super pregnant with Auggie and was buying wine for OTHER people to drink at a party. Takes all the fun out of being carded when you don’t get to consume what you’re purchasing.

But I digress…

The first person to card me was a woman in her 50s which I decided was not a testament to my new eye cream because she probably thinks anyone under 40 is 21. The second person was a kid and he thought he was annoying me by asking for my ID. Little did he know how much the ladies over thirty like when you think they don’t actually look over thirty. The third person was my age which I decided meant that those five consecutive hours of sleep I had the night before really did make me look better! But as I left the store, a thought occurred to me; perhaps I looked not only like I could use a cocktail, but also like I could really use a compliment.

But I’m going to pretend my new eye cream is really working.

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