Get Organized

If I had the option of becoming a horder or death, I would choose death. My cleanliness and organization skills border on OCD and honestly, I’m ok with that. I’m ok with the fact that I was known for having my own vacuum in the sorority house – people may have made fun, but when Mom and Dad were coming to visit, I was their best buddy. I like to know exactly where everything is but I never want to actually see it. I want everything to be functional, organized and pretty.

Thankfully, I married a man who feels the same way. Maybe not to quite the same level, but he has his moments and if I strike at the right time, I can coordinate his urge to organize with a place that needs to be organized and BAM! A beautifully organized space.

That said, we have an area of our house that tends to fall apart often. Our garage is a constant project. It’s contents are eclectic as they are evolving and therefore keeping it organized is a full-time job. That said, it was in desperate need of a clean up

What could be so bad behind such a pretty door?

Ooooh, yeah. That’s bad.


I forgot to snap pictures before Peter started to hang the fancy new, modular peg boards I found so pretend they aren’t there. It doesn’t make it  much better, but still. So after Peter’s hard work and some ruthless organizing, we have this:

And this!

And this!

Geeze, you’d think we go to the beach far more often than once a year….

So until the next time all the crap piles up and the garage needs a face lift, it’s so pretty!

3 thoughts on “Get Organized

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    This made me laugh, reminding me as it does of the height of my Spartan living. I kept my clothes in a closet, a radio on my window sill, and slept in a sleeping bag on the floor.

    My mom finally commanded me that I must at least have a bed in my bedroom. After that returned, I decided it was OK to have stuff. I just preferred there to be less than more!

    That’s still my preference. Sadly, my S.O. does not agree. I’m almost all the way to acceptance, but there are still days where I go, “How is this my home?!” 🙂

  2. Patty says:

    Nice. Good for you.

    I’m in a year long project of having moved rooms and furniture around, put up a wall, remodeled the basement (huge) rearranged boxes and cleaned out dirty corners, etc. I could go on. We are still in process, but it is such a cleansing feeling to get rid of all that baggage. Happy Spring.

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