Suggestive Literature

I have a problem. I am very totally and completely influenced by Baylor’s book Curious George Visits the Chocolate Factory. I can’t read it without craving a big box of chocolates. I can feel myself starting to drool when reading the descriptions of each type of chocolate. I can smell the sweet smell when George sneaks into the candy room.  Nothing else will stop the craving, it has to be a box of chocolates. Particularly See’s Candies…which is why I stood in their store last week and happily hand-picked each one of these little beauties…what? I can’t drink the bottle of wine I really really want, why not substitute with candy?

I wish I was as influenced by the tales of George’s other adventures….but unfortunatly despite reading and rereading and reading again Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon Race and Curious George and the Dinosaur Dig I have no desire to become an archaeologist nor hop in a balloon. Maybe if George wrote Curious George Finally Writes the Whitty Memior He’s been Dreaming About Despite Having Two Kids, Running a Business and Trying to Stay on the Acceptable Side of Sanity it would have the same effect as the damn chocolate factory story. AND my butt wouldn’t get so fat so that would be nice too.

2 thoughts on “Suggestive Literature

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    Seriously! If you find a Curious George Loves Eating Lettuce & Running Up Hill or Curious George Prepares For Bathing Suit Season let me know. I could use some motivation 🙂

    • bethwand says:

      Or Curious George Effortlessly Cleans the House, Does an Hour’s Worth of Cardio and Has a Delicious and Healthy Dinner on the Table.

      This could go on for awhile…

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