Total Eclipse of the Mind

I love all things celestial. I like constellations, shooting stars, meteors, planets, eclipses – if it’s happening in the sky, I’m in.

Last week the news was all about the  upcoming solar eclipse. It’s the first time it’s been visible in Arizona in 18 years. And you know what? I know exactly where I was for the last one. I was 11 and it was summer. Our awesome summer babysitter, Kim, had taken Ali and I downtown to a small festival all about the eclipse. There were tons of instruments and fun eyewear that made it safe to look at the eclipse – I even remember that you could see the shadow of the moon over the sun in the small pin holes in the tent. It was awesome.

So you would think I would have at least made a post it note for the solar eclipse that happened yesterday, yes? You would be wrong. A brutal combination of baby brain and busy weekend left me totally without a reminder to look up. What’s worse is that I knew something was up. I walked out of the office and said to Peter “am I nuts or did it get dark outside in the last 5 minutes?”. Avoiding the obvious answer of “are you really asking me to confirm your sanity?” he agreed, it had gotten darker. I looked out back and concluded that some dark cloud had descended on our house…the light was just so strange. And STILL, nothing. Not even a hint of a reminder went off in my head that the totally amazing eclipse was going on.

It wasn’t until later when I saw Facebook posts about the event that I realized A. I’m an idiot B. there was no dark cloud but rather the moon passing between Earth and the sun causing a shadow on Earth and C. I blew it! I was so bummed. Especially after seeing some of the pics:

Obviously this was taken with a special lens…but STILL. Isn’t it cool?? And to think I was goofing around indoors the entire time. Arg!

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