Four Legged Trouble Maker

Ah the Bear. 35 pounds of furry cuteness with just a hint of trouble (these days). But that wasn’t always the case. Bear was the “smart” one of the Bear and Travis doggie duo. Bear would start the tearing open of the trash bags, but slink away just in time for me to find Travis with a mouth full of shrimp tails and an expression that said ” isn’t this awesome?!?” which made it heartbreaking to inform him that no, no that wasn’t awesome.

But since Travis went to the big dog bed in the sky last year, the Bearmeister has slowed down a little. His competition for food and attention is gone and now all he has to do is keep that kid from pulling on him and convince her to feed him snacks (which he does very well). However, his need to be bad runs deep, just not as deep as the arthritis so his naughtyness has gone a little soft. Now his version involves drinking out of Baylor’s water table. Which really isn’t a problem. As long as he’s hydrated and it doesn’t involve the toilet, I’m good. But he needs that air of mystery – it starts with him slowly making his way to the dog door, constantly looking over his shoulder. He will then proceed to make his way across the yard stopping to pee, examine a toy on the ground and then to the water table. Next he will look over his shoulder, walk to the back door to peek in and then round aboutly make his way back to the table where he proceeds to dunk his entire face, nose included, into the water and drink deeply. He leaves a trail of water dropplets as evidence as he makes his way back inside. And once there, he’s happy as a clam. All wags and smiles – happy he’s gotten away with it yet again.

“just miiiinnding my own business…..”

“Girl really. I’m glad you think I’m cute and all but I’m trying to sleep.”

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