Bathroom Baby

Whew. Where did the last three weeks go? Auggie is three weeks old today and I think everyone is finally settling into life with two kids – including the two kids.

We discovered the first night Auggie was here that he is a talking. Like a big time talker. He grunts, grumbles, moans, hums and whistles in his sleep. LOUDLY. Like can hear him over the sound machine loud. And because he and his sister share (or will share) a room, there’s no putting him in his own room to avoid being kept up by the racket. So PW and I decided we would try putting him in the bathroom over night to see if helped. It turned out to be perfect – we hear him cry, but not all the noise and his crying doesn’t wake up Bay. And before you get all “I’m calling CPS” on me, he has a very lovely bassinet to sleep in in our larger than average bathroom – it’s pretty nice actually. At the very least, it will make for great material in therapy some day.

And a few new pics of the crew:


I love when they start waking up!




Bedtime stories are now a family affair. Auggie already loving Curious George.


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