Baylorisms – Part 6

Tag of War:  Tug of War

Purshey Kisses: Hershey Kisses

Front Trunk : Hood of the car

Turn Sniggles: Turn signals

Polka Dots on your face: Freckles

Measles:  Another way we discuss freckles. We spend a lot of time asking about mommy’s freckles. Mommy in turn spends a lot of money at the Bobbi Brown counter…

Wigglers: Prairie Dogs

Auggie Baba:  Auggie Baby. She can say baby, she just chooses to say it funny

Dealershipper: Mechanic at the dealership

Trunk or Treat: Trick or Treat – her school event has ruined the actual phrase for her.

This one killed me – she was headed out the door with Peter when she stopped and yelled “Mommy! I forgot my manners! Toss them to me!!”. When I did, she pretended to eat them, thanked me and was on her way. I’m just slightly concerned about the fact that she’s this funny at 3…

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