Auggie 2 and 3 months

Phew! I can’t believe the little guy is already 3 months old! I didn’t get the post up at 2 months, but at least I got the pictures.

Augg is a rolling pin – he’s back to front, front to back, sideways when he sleeps and when he needs a better view of what his sister is doing. He is only happy when he has a view of the action – and by action I mean whatever is going on. It could be the fan turning, he doesn’t care, he just needs to see it. He is eating like a pie eating contest contestant and weighed in at 16lbs on his 3 month birthday. New Year’s Day night he slept for a 5 hour stretch and has been doing the same almost every night. I’ve been able to see what my face looks like without dark bags under my eyes for the first time in months!


I have a sneaking suspicion that he is starting to teethe…fingers crossed he’s just drooling and putting his hands in his mouth for fun. He is working hard to master control of his hands – he gingerly reaches for bottles (shocker), his soft lamb toy and he has figured out how to make the ball spin on his bouncer.


Baylor is is his favorite person, period. He likes me a lot, but I think it’s because I feed him. Once she can share her snacks with him, I’ll be history. He was thrilled to lay on the floor and watch her play with Minnie and Daisy.


Thankfully, she is as thrilled with him as he is with her. I’m praying this lasts at least a few years…



2 month pictures

IMG_4640[2] IMG_4639[1]

3 month pictures

IMG_4738[1] IMG_4739[1]

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