Face Time Fiasco

I got a new Iphone 5 a few weeks ago and wanted to sell my old 4, but since the back was shattered, it was a no go. So PW and I decided we’d give it to Baylor to watch cartoons and play games on. A little ridiculous  yes, but it means that I can now take her on a run AND have my phone to listen to music. Also it means my icons will stay put instead of mysteriously disappearing…

Baylor is in love. She makes “phone calls”, “sends texts”, “writes emails” and plays games and watches Doc McStuffins. All perfectly safe since the phone is no longer connected to a network…or so I thought. I didn’t realize that when you turned the phone off and back on that it would take itself out of airplane mode. So last night she brings me her phone and says “my phone is talking to me”. I assumed she had dialed a number and was getting the recording that says you’re not connected to a network. But when I looked at her phone, our friend Brian was staring back at me. You can still make Iphone to Iphone calls, texts and Face Time if there is a wifi signal and since the phone wasn’t in airplane mode, she was able to Face Time  Brain.

All I can say is thank God she called someone we love and not a random water company customer or something. It was fun to catch up for a few minutes – he was very amused by the whole thing. It was also a good excuse to figure out how to turn off all the connections on the phone! Also we discovered that you can password protect adding and deleting icons (Settings – General – Restrictions) which will keep her from deleting and then moving my icons around so I’m confused about what is missing…

I woke up in the middle of the night wondering who she had been sending texts too and or Face Time requests. It took me 10 minutes to find the damn phone but when I did, it appears nothing funny went out – phew. But if for some reason you did get something odd from me, I’ve been hacked by a 3 year old.

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