21,000 Questions

I know that having your kids ask a ton of questions is a great sign that their minds are working and growing. But holy moly does Ms.B come up with a lot of questions. I try to answer them as truthfully as I can, but it can be a challege. If you have any good answers to the below questions, I’m all ears. These are all actual questions Baylor has asked :

Why does red mean stop and green mean go?

Who decided that red means stop and green means go?

Why doesn’t your car have a trunk? (we have an SUV)

Why do trucks have a bed?

What is the National Guard?

What is the army? (follow up question when I tried to tie it into the army…)

Who are these brave men and women? What are their names?

Why doesn’t Curious George have a tail? Monkeys have tails. (that’s actually a good one. I’m curious too.)

Why is that person riding the bus?

Why don’t they have a car?

Where is that person going?

Why don’t you know where that person is going?

Why is running good exercise?

Why do green beans make you grow?

Why is there a sign that says ducks cross here?

Why is that person running?

Why doesn’t Auggie have teeth?

Why do your teeth fall out?

Why did that lady on TV say that we need to make Arizona a nicer place? It’s already a nice place. (That one was pretty cute).

Why did that man on the news say California?

Why did that man on the news say Washington D.C.?

When are we getting a dog?

Why does that sign have a picture of (insert picture of anything here) on it?

Why do bees make flowers into tomatoes?

Why do babies not go poop on the toilet?

Why are you wearing that shirt?

Why do you think that shirt looks cute?

Why do you volunteer to help at school?

Why can’t I wear sunglasses at school?

Why does Henry get to wear sunglasses at school?

What is a medical condition?

Can I have a medical condition?

Usually one or two of these lead to follow up questions and explanations. It is also the reason I generally can’t talk or think by 7pm most nights. 


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